When creating an online business or a blog, you will often repeat the things that others have already said. However, it doesn’t matter that some of these things aren’t completely new. That is completely irrelevant. What is important, that for some people, the information that you are recycling is going to be completely new, and they will know about what you are trying to teach them, exclusively through your own content. This content strategy gives you an ultimate advantage over anyone else. The only important thing that needs to happen, is that they reach your content first.

Content Strategy

Sometimes this strategy will make sense, on other times, it won’t. It’s all about the access. You don’t even have to be the best content producer on the topic, but you do need to be, not great, but amazing at promoting your own content. Content amplifies trust, and can serve as a part of the bigger picture of educating the consumer about the topic you want to be influential about. Just because there is a good content piece out there, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t write one piece by yourself. It also doesn’t mean that you should just blatantly copy what is out there, without adding value. Making content unique is almost a form of an art, and will give you the edge over your competition.