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Hyzi – Education Creates tomorrow

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Montenegro Telekom - Elearning platform for Telekom employees

Centask Project

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We love to take the entire technical element of your email marketing efforts, make it simple and effortless. Our extensive experience in email marketing allows us to predict your future needs, and plan accordingly, so when you need to make drastic changes, they can be executed at a click of the button, while we focus on implementing

Reminiz project

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Cult Of Traffic team makes sure that your emails reach your customers with highest standards of deliverability. We accomplish this by utilizing the latest technology (used by Uber and Spotify) that successfully bypasses spam filters and delivers your message to your customers. We understand that technical “know how” is only one piece of the puzzle.

Alpha Efficiency Magazine Project

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Content marketing doesn’t work on its own. It needs an essential delivery channel in order to be amplified. If you write an article, publish it on the web, and no one reads it, then you aren’t really marketing, you are just creating content. Static content in an of itself, relies on delivery channels in order to become

Connoisseurs Project – Luxury Travel Company


Cult Of Traffic approaches SEM through understanding the psychology behind the semantics. This unique approach, that is a blend of our technical know-how of Google algorithm and consumer behavior, gives us a tactical advantage over your competition. Years of experience and proven track record ensures that your business is on the right track, gathering valuable impressions and clicks